On February 20 Kramer arrived in Zurich from St. Moritz and took a room at a deluxe hotel overlooking Lake Zurich. He met Philip and Susanna for dinner at a restaurant, where Kramer later estimated they consumed about four bottles of red wine. Around midnight, they moved on to a nightclub called Tabaris. There, Kramer said, they drank four bottles of champagne and a bottle of cognac.

Shortly after arriving at the club, Susanna went to the ladies' room. To her surprise, she would tell investigators, Kramer was there. "I advised him that this was the ladies' room and asked him to go to the men's room," said Susanna, who was three weeks pregnant with her fourth child. "There were two stalls in the ladies' room. Thomas Kramer maneuvered me into the rear stall, entered it as well, and locked the door behind him. I stood against the wall next to the door and I noticed I was in a dilemma. I told him to leave the stall because I would like to go to the bathroom by myself. First, he stood with his back toward me, then he suddenly turned around and held a little tube with white powder under my nose. I inhaled the stuff automatically.

"I repeated again and again that I had to go to the bathroom and asked him to leave. He replied, no, no. I sat down on a stool. I have to mention that I was still completely dressed. Then I felt dizzy. At the same time he tore my blouse off me. Then he tore my panties off me. Then he inserted one or two fingers into my vagina to arouse me. At the same time he tried to kiss me and undressed himself. Then he took his penis and pushed it into my mouth. He told me to bite into his penis, which I did."

Philip G. told police that he became increasingly worried as he waited at the table with Kramer's girlfriend and that he had asked the woman to check on Susanna. "Shortly after [she] had left, she was standing by me again and said she was sorry, but Thomas had gotten ahold of my wife. I am unable to repeat the exact words, but she expressed it in this sense and was even grinning. It was immediately clear to me what that could mean. I immediately proceeded to the ladies' room and opened the door."

The men scuffled briefly; Kramer sustained a laceration over his left eye that later required stitches. He was arrested by the Zurich police at the nightclub at about 12:45 a.m.

In the statement attributed to him, Kramer denied attacking Susanna G. "We went to the bathroom together," he told the police. "There was a silent agreement between Mrs. Susanna [G.] and myself regarding the fact that we wanted to be alone with each other. Therefore, we went to the ladies' room, where we locked ourselves in the stall. Because I had drunk quite a bit of alcohol earlier, especially cognac, I got diarrhea. Therefore I was sitting in the stall and had to relieve myself. For this very reason, I never touched Susanna [G.], when suddenly Philip came storming into the bathroom and punched and kicked our door. [He] ...screamed like a madman and shouted he would kill his wife."

When Sgt. Mario DĄndliker asked Kramer why he had gone to the ladies' room with Mrs. G., he replied, "Because we had already sat together all evening and Mrs. Susanna [G.] had already been playing with my genitals during dinner.... Again, I point out that Mrs. Susanna [G.] held my penis in her hand all evening. However, I did not get an erection. Based on these points, it was clear that Mrs. Susanna [G.] must have had a certain sexual interest in me. We went voluntarily to the bathroom at Tabaris."

Kramer also said that prior to the incident in the ladies' room, Susanna had been sending him boxes of Swiss chocolates daily. "My wife called her last Saturday or Sunday and told her not to do that," he asserted.

He later filed criminal assault charges against Philip G. Heinrich von Hanau, chief executive officer of the Portofino Group, says Kramer has also filed civil lawsuits against the couple for libel and personal injury. "I think there is a tendency right now for people to try to take advantage of people who have more than they have, and sexual harassment seems to be one of those situations," von Hanau says, adding, "Mr. Kramer is confident that the charges against him will be dismissed and that the charges against [Susanna and Philip] will be sustained." The criminal assault charges Kramer filed are pending.

Lawrence Rodgers, a Miami-based lawyer for Susanna and Philip, said he will not comment about the case. Attorney Richard Sharpstein says he has no knowledge of the Zurich incident. Neither Kramer's Swiss lawyer, Konrad Butz, nor his counsel in Munich, Matthias Wohlfahrt, would comment on the case. A secretary at Butz's Zurich office referred calls to Wohlfahrt, who he said he had a personal policy against speaking to the media.

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