Which Twin Has the Sony?

Two musicians with the same name. One got a big recording deal. The other got a lawyer.

In late August Wolfe sent Sony a letter with a simple message: Change your performer's name or we sue.

"The real Gaby has been performing for ten years with this name, and now there's this imposter who has created confusion," cries Wolfe. "The first to use the name is the first to own it. We're looking for Sony to change the name and to pay money to the real Gaby for the damages he's sustained as a result of the confusion."

Sony Discos A&R man Manny Benito seems to agree, at least to a point. "There's only one Gaby Gabriel, the one at the Fontainebleau," he confirms, but won't say anything further. The Gaby Gabriel of questionable pedigree could not be reached for comment, and Sony executives in New York and Miami did not return several phone calls.

According to Wolfe, settlement discussions have been under way, "but I don't know if there's a done deal." The sooner the better, says Castillo, who says he really doesn't want to have to go to court. The money doesn't matter, he adds. "The hell with it," Castillo says. "They were offering, like, one or two thousand dollars. They can stick it up their ass. I just want the guy to drop the name.

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