As for the rest of Minito's story, I hope it is more accurate than the part I know about.

Frederick L. Tarchini
Santiago del Estero, Argentina

More Mail from the Liz Balmaseda Fan Club
In response to Jim DeFede's article "The Making of an Exclusive" (September 14): In my mind, [Miami Herald columnist] Liz Balmaseda is a perfect balance of proud Cuban heritage, literary talent, and Miami journalism all bundled into a drastic landslide of blindsided, pro-Cuban, anti-American dramatics.

Once a journalist I enjoyed reading, she has become a predictable, in-your-face advocate for Cubans in America. For the past two years, the Cuban dilemma seems to be the only story she has been capable of covering. Wake up and smell the wonderful blend of Cuban and American coffee, Liz!

Fortunately, amid all the rafters, immigration, emotional turmoil, and grandiose claims to Miami's greatness, there still may be an opportunity for us all to live in peace here.

Harold Borden
Miami Beach

You Don't Have to Be Psychic to Figure Out This One
After reading Jim DeFede's article "Everyone Needs a Psychic Pal" (September 14), I was inspired to create a riddle. Let's see if anyone can guess to which individual in the article it refers.

After he is arrested, or should I say after his trial, he will manage to escape. The all-points bulletin will read: Be on the lookout for a small medium at large.

Ronald C. Rickey
Miami Beach

We Work, She Reads, All Is Well
Being a transplant from Atlanta, I moved to an area I've never been to, knowing no one other than my roommate, and discovering that I was living in a haven for senior citizens. Needless to say, I was homesick.

Then I happened to run across a copy of your paper. I can't tell you how glad I was. In Atlanta, we had Creative Loafing, which is similar to New Times. I had always enjoyed getting the latest edition and reading it immediately. Now I look forward to getting my new edition of New Times. Please continue the great work, and I'll keep reading!

Anamarie Harmon

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