The Making of an Exclusive

A navy press officer says the Miami Herald unfairly finagled its way inot Gloria Estefan's Guantanamo entourage

Breslau says he saw the request and that it was denied.
Herald publisher David Lawrence denies having made any no-coverage agreement with General Sams or Lieutenant Breslau. "Liz Balmaseda was always going to cover the event," asserts Lawrence, going on to say that he has spoken with the general since the trip and Sams has not expressed any concern about the Herald's having published stories about the concert. "There hasn't been even the slightest whisper to me that anyone was upset by this," Lawrence says.

The publisher recalls a conversation with Breslau before the plane took off for Cuba, but his account differs from the lieutenant's: Lawrence says he told Breslau the Herald would indeed be writing about the concert. "I in fact told him I respected the fact that he had his job, but that we had our jobs to do as well," Lawrence remembers.

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