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So Gerardo Cea, proprietor of Cafe Prima Pasta, calls me up a few months ago. So I know you got a thing for Oggi, he says, and I'm not knockin' it, but my place is pretty good, too. So I say absolutely, love your stuff, but you've got to make some news for me to write about. So he goes out and gets himself another restaurant, buys out the owners of North Miami's Caffe Buonanotte. So Cea says he's naming it Cafe Primola, which is really a type of Italian flour but is also kind of a cutesy take on Cafe Prima Pasta, since it's gonna look a lot like his Miami Beach place (414 71st St.; 867-0106) anyway: black-and-white photos and pen-and-ink drawings hanging on dark green walls. So the only thing that'll be different is the brick oven display area in the front and a part of the kitchen where customers can watch their appetizers being put together. So now we can Cea no evil, eat-a no evil at two locations. The new phone number is 899-1081. Cea at 13200 Biscayne Blvd.

So sorry, Gerardo, but I can't resist adding a footnote about Oggi: Owner Eloy Roy last week pulled out of Oggi's second location (in the Costa Brava condo on Island Avenue), saying he now plans to open a new spot in Bal Harbour.

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