Juicing Lenny Bruce

Other than the questionable Simon and Garfunkle song, Swaner's astute appreciation of Bruce's milieu lends the overall production -- with its engaging supporting cast (Blynn, Angela Thomas, and Lawrence Jurrist) -- a kinetic, inspired, and tragic feel. Swaner directed the play, according to his program notes, so that "people who may have forgotten about Lenny, or young people who have never heard of him, will remember and want to learn about him." It's unlikely that you'll forget the man after seeing this tribute to him.

Stage Notes
Lenny Bruce's seminal style continues to affect countless performers. The sexual frankness, caustic humor, and ironic parodying of gay stereotypes in video-performance artist Mark Holt's work attests to such influence. Holt performs his F_agmented Ideas: He Sold the R for Drugs Friday and Saturday nights at 11:00 at the Edge/Theatre on South Beach through the end of August. Although I haven't seen this expanded hour-and-twenty-minute piece, which combines music, video, images of text, and live performance in a sendup of art, fame, sex, and love, I did see a twenty-minute version back in June during Miami Light Project and South Florida Art Center's Here and Now festival. Holt's work gives performance art, often criticized for being rambling and self-indulgent, a great name. I have no doubt that the tightly crafted, keenly shaped twenty minutes that I saw will translate well into a longer rendition, since I easily could have sat through another hour of exposure to Holt's wry imagination. Call 531-6083 for more information

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