Leave Dwell Enough Alone

Two's company. Three's a crowd. In Coral Gables, it might even be a crime.

While she doesn't know what percentage of off-campus-dwelling students resides in Coral Gables, Willen says more than 50 percent of all undergraduates eschewed the dorms this past fall semester, including 69 percent of the junior class and 82 percent of seniors. (According to Coral Gables Assistant City Manager Sandy Youkilis, the new ordinance wouldn't affect the university's fraternity houses, which, like group homes for the disabled or elderly, receive special residential zoning and aren't considered single-family homes.)

As for enforcement, Hernandez anticipates some difficulty when it comes to balancing law against conscience. "If a neighbor complains that two unrelated women are living with a nurse, the code enforcement board is going to have a difficult decision to make: They're either going to enforce or they're not," says the city attorney. "If you have a bunch of rowdy kids, that's an easy call. But you have to apply the rule evenly. It's going to make for some very interesting cases, I think.

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