In Cod We Trust

Caesar salad, however, was miserable. One of the "lighter" entree options (the other choices: several sandwiches, a burger, a hot dog, and sometimes a fish of the day), it served as an object lesson in what not to order in a pub. A bowl of soggy romaine was dressed with mostly oil, with no evidence of anchovy, garlic, or Parmesan cheese. Croutons, which expanded with the dressing before disintegrating, provided very little distraction from the lettuce.

Our waitress, who was efficient and knowledgeable, persuaded us to try the Crown & Garter's two desserts, both of which were cheesecakes -- one featuring white chocolate and the other tropical fruit. The latter, she assured us, had just come out of the oven. If that was true, the pub needs to turn up the heat a tad: This pineapple-and-guava creation was frozen in the middle. Moreover, despite their divergent ingredients, the two slices, ribboned with whipped cream, tasted nearly identical. Next time I'll stick to sweet cider and drink my dessert.

Of course, drinking one's meal is always an alternative at a pub; I've already seen some UM students doing just that in the Crown & Garter. And it may not be much longer until a butt-pinching, phone-calling crowd begins to gather, at which point I'll probably feel right at home.

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