They Walk Among Us

"The original inhabitants..."
"By original inhabitant, do you mean the person you were when you were, say, ten?"

"That's not who I was, because I'm a different consciousness. The one who was born into this body and who developed the ego was the original inhabitant."

"Is the original inhabitant there now?"
"Until two weeks ago, I would have said no," Aldin answers. "Then I met a being who was walked into over a period of nine years, and when the last walk-in walked out, the original inhabitant woke up, so he had not really left. So I can't rule out the possibility that this is the case here, as well."

On the Internet and in their writings, these sweet-tempered visionaries promote a consistently upbeat message: All humans will evolve into spiritual "light bodies" sometime in the next 50 years, then live happily ever after.

Other E.T. contactees have a grimmer message. Michael and Aurora El-Legion of Boca Raton are among the most vocal UFO believers in the country, having participated in more than 500 broadcast and print interviews, in which they have warned of a U.S. government coverup about the evil "greys" who abduct humans. Both claim to have had powerful contacts with extraterrestrials. Aurora, for instance, says that when she was sixteen years old, she was about to crash into a crowded intersection in her boyfriend's car when aliens intervened, froze time, and transported her to a nearby gas station.

What sets the El-Legions apart, though, is their vigorous promotion of UFO films, documents, and one-size-fits-all conspiracy theories. Late last month in Coconut Grove, they showed a film called Contact, based on footage of UFOs supposedly shot by a Swiss farmer named Billy Meier. Meier's films and photos, however, have been denounced as hoaxes for nearly a decade by responsible UFO researchers, such as the Mutual UFO Network. One UFO expert, for instance, obtained original prints showing that Meier's photos of "spacemen" were actually shot from a TV screen showing a commercial. These inconvenient facts don't dissuade Aurora El-Legion: To her it's all just part of a government-sponsored plot to discredit Meier and the idea of gentle, human-appearing aliens he and others support. The El-Legions promote a conspiracy theory -- developed by former "Naval intelligence officer" William Cooper -- that somehow links the JFK assassination, the Trilateral Commission, and a secret pact between the government and the "greys" to allow the wicked aliens to experiment on humans and cattle in exchange for their technology.

And that's only half of it. "The government wants to scare the shit out of you about aliens, announce an invasion of the greys, bring in the New World Order, and turn us into their little slaves," Aurora says. "Now do you get the whole picture?

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