Over to cocktails at Donahue's place, the always amiable Field arriving in a limo, pretty much seizing youth culture by the throat lately. The cutting edge of Interscope, profiled this past Sunday in the New York Times, includes gangstas-gone-rich Snoop Doggy Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Tupac Shakur, along with alternative bands nine inch nails, Bush, and Primus. A long shot on Tom Jones not quite panning out, Field still thinking big: "We did one video where one guy's on fire the whole time. We had to put a warning disclaimer in for the Beavis and Butt-head generation." And, of course, there's the film division of Interscope, yet another juggernaut. Roommates and the American distribution of Two Much. Operation Dumbo Drop and Gumanji, a fantastical adventure with Robin Williams: "About $65 million overall, and Robin got $15 million A but it was worth it." The Tie That Binds, a thriller about adoptive versus birth parents, Daryl Hannah playing the bad adoptive mother. Field doing an Eliza Doolittle number earlier that afternoon, taking the very sweet Jelene Povic to Rob Roy and a bookstore expedition, the woman laden with masterpieces by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and other literary legends. Taste to burn and, we suspect, plenty of cash, as well. Unfortunately, Field, a likable sort, not up to Miami migration: "I'm a little too busy in L.A. to live here."

The limo set mobilizing afterward for a party at the Sunset Island home of the truly jet-setty Nicolas Berggruen, the apogee of the model-meets-mogul aesthetic: Ugo Colombo, Muhammed Abdul Aziza of the Saudi royal family, and all manner of money trolling through girlville. Thomas Kramer, the antichrist of Miami, lowering the tone and hyping his divorce A not that his marital status ever really mattered A to a woman he once bit as a romantic overture. An unbelievable scene despite Kramer, remaining personally ecstatic for once and quickly adapting to the prevailing tone: Simply for kicks, getting the phone number of a model, something of a Pyrrhic victory at this stage of life. All is ashes, all is dust. On to a very late dinner at the Subway on Alton Road, studiously avoiding opportunities to pursue sex -- what's the point? -- and the fame wake of Fair Game in Versaceland. Once in a while even an old dog can learn new tricks.

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