Not a bad swan song, however, the Paper magazine affair at Groove Jet setting a stylistic standard. The bible of downtown culture scattered around the club, the cover adorned with former erotomania star-legit actress-emerging pop diva Traci Lords, goof legend Jerry Lewis destined for cover-boy status in a future issue. Editor David Hershkovits presiding over a convocation of hipster visuals, New York meets Miami. Mother Kibble in tow with a midget drag queen, flashy in fishnet stockings and a red slit skirt, perched on the bar like a cocktail tray. For sartorial sex theater, some witty creature wearing a stuffed mechanical poodle strapped on his crotch like a dildo, the toy puppy gurgling away. Another fashion victimizer adorned with a plastic Fifties-style hairdo helmet, porn priestess Robin Byrd A escorted by promoter-AIDS activist Robert Levy A going for the I-still-got-it-baby mode, designer Pat Fields in splendid form. Staying on forever, picking up tidbits, S.O.B.'s, the world-music bastion of New York, cranking up a Miami outpost in the old Van Dome space on March 30 with Celia Cruz. Another night, another opening.

Satiated, tapped out, forced to spend an entire week under house arrest, struck by an utter lack of the inner resources necessary for quiet time. Back on the beat this past Saturday night, traveling with a wandering gentile from Palm Beach, fleeing "dinosaurs with hats," the regal crones of polite society. More eternal rotation, Two Much actors and celebrity drag at Starfish, the unbelievably sweet Danny Aiello greeted from the stage by Mother Kibble, paying homage to his cross-dressing stint in Pràt-Ö-porter: "I want that Chanel suit, Danny." Perverse as ever, Mother Kibble the Krazy Glue that binds us all A going seriously retro, emigrating to San Francisco the following day. Aiello commenting on Kibble's well "of shyness and deep sensitivity, at the heart of all the outrageousness." A vastly more localized star taking credit for inspiring Mother's big adventure: "I told him to get out of town before he gets really fucked up and over A this place is killing him." For a brief, stupendously unsettling moment, we thought she might be talking about us. Overexposure does, indeed, have certain perils.

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