60 Minutes of Controversy

Josh Howard, who produced the 60 Minutes report, concedes a few relevant facts were left out. "If we had more time, we would have reported everything," Howard says. "But that wouldn't have changed the thrust of our story. We were basically raising a question, using information that the CDC had either failed to uncover or ignored. Overall, I think we did a helluva job. We must have, because the CDC has sure spent a lot of time mounting a PR campaign against us."

Indeed, incensed CDC officials recently wrote a lengthy paper disputing the 60 Minutes report. The article was published this past December in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Howard says a rebuttal is in the works.
On the advice of his lawyer, Lionel Resnick declined to speak to New Times about any matters, including his research regarding David Acer. "In relation to the Acer case, Dr. Resnick made a very controversial stand that has caused a great deal of animosity in certain parts of the AIDS research community," says attorney Richard Sharpstein. "Whoever is taking shots at him over that plainly has an ax to grind."

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