Writer's Cramp

My penmanship, my life

"It takes work," she warned me.
Too much work, at least for someone as moody, fatigued, and restless as me (if her handwriting analysis of me was to be believed). I was supposed to spend 30 minutes a night writing in my new style, including 10 minutes writing an "affirmation" I selected from a book she gave me. It began, "The will to accomplish all that I want to do is mine to draw upon. I have the energy to make quick decisions and to act when action is called for...." I wrote it only one or two times, then gave up.

I was in a Catch-22 limbo peculiar to graphotherapy. Only by changing my writing, Leibel believed, would I become the focused, efficient, energetic person I could be. But to practice the new handwriting style consistently required me to have the same positive qualities -- energy, efficiency, focus, et cetera -- she said I lacked.

The handwriting, I guess, was on the wall: Graphotherapy wasn't for me.

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