Program Notes 24

Tonight (Thursday) the Nicoteens smoke at the Talkhouse. Long ago they were known as Screaming Iguanas of Love, and folks, they rock. Also at the Talkhouse, on Saturday, folk great and fine fisherman Bill Morrissey.

This week's guest on the Danny Jessup Show is Matt Sabatella.
The Partners for Youth Talent Showcase (Saturday at 8:00 p.m. at the Joseph Caleb Auditorium) looks like a winner: G-Bop, Michael Rosario, Shades of Passion, Fab-Ski Culture, Horizon, Chris Brazzle, Antasia, Iman Jeffrey, Jaz, Gary Tennyson, Interlude, and Steven Watkins are the competitors for the $500 top prize, with special guests In Total Control, Angelo Camponi, Live in Color Dance Troupe, and O'Grady and Black Magic also performing. And there's something called Disco Dayz with China Doll on the bill.

On Wednesday jazzers Richie Cole and Turk Mauro join with Tony Castellano, Danny Burger, and Lew Berryman at the Musicians Exchange.

The great saxman and Geraldo sidekick Leo Casino has a new tape out, Nine Steps from the Sun. Casino says that when he visited Jamaica, he didn't want to come home, and the eight-song release includes a tune named after the island nation as well as doses of Jah-make-ya influence (a cover of "My Girl" done up reggae style, for example). There's plenty of funk, too. Recorded at the Studio, the tape features fine backing by the Florida Players and groovy production (especially considering it cost about $500 to make). "Rat and Looch," says Leo, "those guys are the best, man. Can you imagine what this town would be like without them?" No. Casino says he intends to donate half of the proceeds to Rev. Clennon King's church. And as for Geraldo, Casino expects to make his third appearance on the show for a Halloween episode. "Maybe I can get a permanent spot, like Ed McMahon on Johnny Carson."

Mr. Tasty and the Bread Healers play a free show tonight (Thursday) at the Gallery of the Unknown Artists. The following Thursday they play Rose's.

Sixo and Milk Can play their first Broward show on Sunday for Squeeze's Wide Open Mike. The following Sunday, Michael Kennedy headlines a tribute to John Lennon, who is dead. (The guy who shot him hasn't been slayed yet.)

Butthorn of the week: JCPenney, for pitching life insurance through a form letter that didn't quite work out in my case, me being a Miamian and all: "Gregory M. Baker, it's a sad fact that accidents can happen anytime, anywhere...without warning. Even in MIAMI."

The media circus: Vietnam was called the living room war thanks to nightly news reports of the carnage. The Gulf War was called the teevy war thanks to constant feeds broadcast live. And now we have Haiti, the first war that ever was fought entirely, completely, totally in and by the media. There's no need for bombs and bullets, diplomacy and invasion. The president announces that the U.S. has some problem with some foreign nation, and we leave the rest to Dan Rather and CNN and the others. I love it. People don't get killed.

Pet corner: I hate animals and eat nothing except meat, but I'll plug the following event because the name of the participating catering restaurant -- Alive and Well (in Davie) -- ties in to this week's theme. The event itself, to take place on Sunday at noon at Tree Tops Park (3900 SW 100th Ave., also in Davie), is the World Farm Animals Day luncheon presented by the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (968-7622). See, the thing is, six billion farm animals are abused and slaughtered each year. It says here they're crowded, deprived, mutilated, suffocated, and manhandled. The meat industry contributes to heart disease, world hunger (the grains cows eat could be consumed by humans), and environmental devastation (like the destruction of rain forests). Who cares? Let's get to the (ahem) meat of the matter: vegetable "sushi," tofu nuggets, stromboli, salad, eggplant rolatini, blackened ravioli, wild mushroom Wellington, bread with herb butter, fruit cobbler. The stuff of life.

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