Of course we're not quite job-happy enough to go out and actually pursue the sudden disappearance of Julian Bain, the promoter passing into legend. Bain's career, among other things, including a celebrated mock game show at the old Aqua, stints with Tara Solomon and Glam Slam, and a self-ballyhooed part in Oliver Stone's aborted saga of Manuel Noriega. Bain primed for fame as the cinematic love interest to Al Pacino's Noriega, as if Pacino didn't suffer enough with his weight and S&M leathers during the production of Cruising. Most recently, or so the gossip goes, Bain ruinously stretched the boundaries of tolerance, partying on loot and finally fleeing to Atlanta in a cloud of flash and attitude, a gay version of Thelma and Louise. The whole sordid story difficult to confirm, naturally, although a conversation with the current occupant of Bain's by-the-week apartment did shed a little light. An anonymous gentleman, who would identify himself only as an emigre from Los Angeles with absolutely no connection to Bain, vastly entertained by all the fuss: "People are calling for him, looking for money, and there have been some great stories. I've only been here a week or two, and I don't think I've ever seen a place so full of bullshit and scams A and I'm from L.A, the land of bullshit. Living in this apartment has been like a little taste of home.

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