Program Notes 21

Butthorn of the week: The actor Dean Jones, speaking on behalf of a literacy training system called Alfalit, calls the product "very unique." The word unique is an absolute term, its definition being "one of a kind" or "being without an equal or equivalent." As an absolute unique can't be properly modified by the word very. Imagine Jones saying "This is a very one of a kind...." Though it does not reflect high-quality writing or speaking, it is technically correct to say "almost unique," which implies that the subject being described is among very few things that are equal to it.

The media circus: Rolonda, who hosts a late-night television talk program much like Oprah or Donahue, was standing among her audience after a panel guest made a statement. "Not all of you agree," Rolonda said. "I can hear some heads being shaken."

Pet corner: To raise awareness of animal-rights issues, the Goods, the Holy Terrors, I Don't Know, and the miles will play a benefit concert at Squeeze on Wednesday. The show will benefit People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending animal exploitation and suffering.

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