Program Notes 20

Tonight (Thursday) up at Cricket's, Excessive is joined live by Alien and No Cow Chips. Call 749-4343.

Another fine acoustic underground session when Jabberwocky plays on Saturday at the Miami Institute of Expanding Light. Call 382-1282.

Speed freaks'll want to be in the Wesley Center Coffeehouse on the campus of the University of Miami at 9:00 tonight (Thursday) for September30, whose Kevin McPeak hates September. A confusing time for his band. The admission to this show (he thinks it's like two or three bucks) also entitles you to all the coffee you can drink or shoot up.

Butthorn of the week: Not to pick on my Cuban friends, but the more there are here the more butthorns will be among them. Here's one now, a woman interviewed on the teevy news after Clinton announced the interdiction stratagem. The woman, identified as Cuban by birth, supported the ship-'em-back plan: "We can't take any more. There are already too many here." What's this we, lady? If "we" took you, we'll take anybody.

Then there was the mob reported about in Joan Fleischman's Herald column (called "Program Notes") this past Friday. Glenna Milberg, a very nice Channel 7 correspondent who interviewed me recently and is extremely pregnant, was in Little Havana covering a rally when, to everyone's surprise, Fidel Castro appeared on teevy live. Milberg quickly set about gathering reaction to the speech, but some of the people at the rally became so upset at the very sight of Fidel they went berserk, attacking the monitor. Two quick points, my friends: Teevy is not real. And, in this country we have a little thing called free speech. We let our enemies say whatever they want, knowing that their evil will be exposed in the process. For example, that's why we let the KKK march -- four fools in sheets is so hysterical that the bigots' power is reduced in the mind continuum aboat reality.

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