Program Notes 16

I suppose I should explain here that this week's cute animal photo -- sorry, but rats are not cute -- comes from Christopher Gregory (the one on the right). Mozart (the one on the left) is, Mr. Gregory explains, a "rat about town." Mozart attends poetry readings at the Gallery of the Unknown Artists, cruises Ocean Drive, and was the hit of the Gucci Christmas party last year. Mozart, I should point out, does not like boa constrictors.

Very kind letter from Laura Sue Wilansky, a jack of all trades -- or is that a jill of all trades? -- who performs musically under the name Silver Nightingale. That would include her show at the Hiroshima Vigil this Saturday at George English Park in Fort Lauderdale. Call 981-6584 for details. And by the way, Laura, I bet you're wrong. I bet I watch more teevy than anybody. And I'm damn proud of it, too.

Butthorn of the week: WCIX-TV (Channel 6) for running the same two or three episodes of Family Feud over and over. C'mon, dudes, watching the Feud is the most important thing in my life.

The media circus: I know y'all caught our boys the Mavericks on Dave Letterman's show last week. But how about the night before, when Dave was hyping Thursday's guests? "Where are these guys from, Louisiana? Texas?" Some of you who called me up politely suggested that Dave's a dope, but I think he was playing off the fact that not too many great country bands hail from Miamuh, Florida. At the end of Wednesday's goofing, Dave noted the band's true hometown. Dave's cool.

Pet corner: As of this writing, two foxes, some skunks, an armadillo, raccoons, alligators, woodpeckers, mockingbirds, blue jays, night hawks, and two bats were depending on you for their continued survival. They are some of the residents of the Wee Care Wildlife Center, which helps injured wildlife. Wee Care has been at this for years, and just recently lost its lease. Some $25,000 is desperately needed so Pat Knox and the other good people at Wee Care can buy a house with about an acre of land, build new cages, and continue their important work. They also need to find a suitable site. If you can help in any way, call 666-3929. Forget the etiquette. This is serious.

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