The Surfies

Locally produced TV shows deserve to be honored for their intelligence, their wit, their impeccably bad taste. Don't touch that remote control!

Production Notes: It is hilarious to watch Miami news legend Ralph Renick whip himself into a froth over 1950s obscenity laws.

Airs: After a summer hiatus, Rewind returns in September.
Law Enforcement Program
And the Surfie goes to...
Behind the Silver Badge
Law Enforcement Program
And the Surfie goes to...Behind the Silver Badge

Produced by the Metro-Dade Police Department's video services section, Badge opens with pulsing music and a barrage of images of cops in action. The pacing is fleet throughout this half-hour news magazine. Segments run from fuzzy features to high-gloss re-enactments, with a soupaon of live Cops-style footage thrown in. Stylishly filmed and crisply edited, this is sophisticated, entertaining propaganda.

Production Notes: Cameraman-editor Rick Bravo worked for years on Miami Vice. His latest gig? True Lies, Ahhnuld's new thriller.

Quote-O-Matic: "Our cops are the MTV generation." (from video services Commander Bill Johnson)

Fun Fact: Three years ago, when the show was just a boring, in-studio talk show, staffers dubbed it Behind the Potted Palm.

Educational Value: Your tax dollars (many, many of them) are paying for Johnson's beautiful studio, equipment, and eight-person staff!

Airs: 7:00 p.m. on WLRN-TV (Channel 17) on the last Wednesday of each month
And the Surfie goes to...
Fredgie's International
El Maximo All-Star Latin Music Dance Festival

And the Surfie goes to...Fredgie's International El Maximo All-Star Latin Music Dance Festival

Trying to describe Fredgie to those who haven't seen him is a little like trying to describe a rainbow to the colorblind. Or an acid trip to a monk. Fredgie is basically an insane person from New Jersey who spent some time in Brazil and returned wearing psychedelic clothing and saying "≠Epa! ≠Epa!" a lot. He interviews members of the Latin glitterati, mostly at loud clubs, though never in any recog-nizable language. There is no structure, per se, to the show.

Cheese Factor:
Fun Facts: 1. Fredgie's facial scars are the result of cancer of the tear duct.

2. His business card describes Fredgie as a professional tourist.
3. Fear of Fredgie seems to be consistent across cultures.
Educational Value:
Stay away from Fredgie.

Airs: Though the show is filmed locally, no one has opted to broadcast it here.

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