Program Notes 13

Then we drove to New Yawk. Wait. This is getting boring, huh? I'll pick up the rest of the story in next week's coly, but for now I have big, big news: The Chant, the greatest rock band of all time, will play their tenth anniversary Last Waltz show on Saturday at Churchill's Hideaway. They say it'll likely be their last show ever. Don't miss. Day by the River plays the Church tomorrow (Friday).

This Sunday at North Beach Park is a huge local musicathon I heard about on Jaz McKay's radio show, which had as guests Crunch Symphony. Jaz's band, Alien, the Symphony, and about a dozen others will play for your traveling pleasure.

Le Coup rolls into Squeeze tomorrow (Friday).
While trying to dial in World Cup at one motel room or another, I came across this thing called MTV. I'd heard of it, but never really watched it. I thought it was all music videos, but instead it was programs. Anyway, when I got back to Miami I had a note in my box stating, "Hey, I don't watch MTV, but I heard a rumor that Harry Pussy was featured on 120 Minutes and that they even had video footage of them playing live." By the way, Harry has a new seven-inch out. And also, Melissa Omwake, of Miami, won MTV's "Aerosmith on Monster Island" contest.

Not on MTV, but on Channel 2 (WPBT-TV): Gary King and the Dream appear Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday at 1:30 p.m.

Song of the month: "Backstabbers" by the O'Jays.
The other day Geraldo had a bunch of old pop stars on his show. Each lip-synched a classic (Gary U.S. Bonds mouthing "Quarter to Three" was especially pathetic). One guest actually sang over a backing track -- KC. A taster that was for the real thing A KC in concert at the Cameo on July 24.

Tomorrow (Friday) it's Nuclear Valdez rocking the Button South.
A good source tells me that Warren Zevon is currently working with a co-songwriter -- author, Miami Herald columnist, and all-around good guy Carl Hiaasen. Can't wait to hear what they come up with (lots of songs about fishing, I bet).

Cruise down to the Chili Pepper tonight (Thursday) for the big WVUM-FM benefit. Your five bucks will help the station, and you get the alt-dance grooves of super-DJ Carlos Menendez.

Marianne Flemming's special guest tomorrow (Friday) at Nocturnal Cafe is the ever lovable Magda Hiller. The two also will perform together.

That videotape of the Rock-ya-ma-call-it show (on Selkirk Channel 3) came in handy on vacay -- I could show people in Indiana and Michigan and Ohio and New Yawk clips of the South Florida bands that make this place worth living in. Send your videos to Lynn Greco, 644 S. Andrews Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301. Greco also produces a show on Channel 3 called Center Stage, which I recommend you check out each Friday at 9:30 p.m. or Sunday at 9:00 p.m.

Excessive plays tomorrow (Friday) at the Plus Five.
This Saturday is the Miami CD release party for the Holy Terrors Lolitaville at the Gallery of the Unknown Artists, with Cell 63 on the bill. The boys in Cell are calling it "a multimedia showcase" entitled "Once Upon a...." Several paintings by John Wayne Gacy will be on display as well. It's free.

Recipe of the week: (And you thought we forgot about this feature.) My friend JB was fishing off a party boat the other day when his line got cut off. After scoping the types of baitfish near the boat, he asked a mate for a kingfish rig. The mate laughed A there's no kings around here now, you fool. So JB caught two kingfish, both nearly twenty pounds. Here's my recipe for ceviche: Get some fresh kingfish from JB. Grill it lightly (or simply use it raw) and cut into chunks. Take one green pepper grown by my dad in his garden in South Carolina. Chop it up. Take one Vidalia onion from somewhere in Georgia. Chop it up. Squeeze the juice from a few Homestead limes. Add some vinegar (any vinegar), chopped green olives, a dash of hot sauce, and a pinch of sugar. Put it all in a jar for a few days and enjoy.

Drop by Borders tomorrow (Friday) evening at 8:00 for Louis Jurika.
The Baboons play live tonight (Thursday) at the Center for the Fine Arts, which is currently featuring Latin American art. Cuban food will be served up at the show, from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. This party is free.

This week's Friday Night Live stars Reunion playing oldies rock at South Pointe, free.

Bob Ronco wrote me a note that says, "Thanks for helping expose Ted Nugent for the brutal, archaic fool that he is! Thanks again." It wasn't too difficult, Bob. By the way, I drove by (did a drive-by?) Nugent's Michigan theme park (for lack of a better term). One thing I noticed on this excursion was several roadkilled deer. This makes me wonder: Why do these hunters crawl deep into the forest, hide out, et cetera? Why not just sit out by the highway at night? The deer are dead (not meat, usually) either way. My dad, sitting on the deck in South Carolina, told me he argues with some of his co-workers, whom he calls, sarcasm dripping, "great white hunters." Dad says, "If they hunt for the thrill, why don't they hunt with a camera instead of a gun? They hunt for the kill. The blood."

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