The Sunshiney, Funshiney World of Cannibal Corpse

Actually, an autopsy of the nastiest band in death metal

If you're not into death metal, it may be hard to look beyond the lyrics, but the music itself is of the utmost importance. "I don't care that much [what the lyrics are] as long as it fits the music, that's the number-one priority," says Webster. "The lyrics have just got to be some kind of brutal shit to fit the music. There are some really great musicians in [death metal], but it's overlooked when people hear the vocals and see the song titles and it's all done."

One person who apparently appreciates the big picture is actor Jim Carrey. He landed Corpse a cameo, playing itself, in his recent blockbuster Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. "It would probably make more sense for us to be in a horror movie," says Barnes. "But Jim was into heavy music, and we thought, Cool. We just went and did what we do."

What they do. Is it on par with Stephen King, or the most extreme version yet of rock guaranteed to piss people off, or an advocacy of sick, misogynistic behavior?

"I don't think there's really anything to advocate," says Barnes without a hint of irony. "I'm just telling fictional stories. I write as a fiction writer that might take some true-to-life experiences and possibilities into consideration. I don't think there's any for or against. I'm basically neutral."

I don't want to hurt you
I just want to kill you.
-- "An Experiment in Homicide"

Cannibal Corpse performs at 9:00 tonight (Thursday) at Plus Five, 5715 University Dr, Davie, 434-1224, with Cynic and Sinister. Tickets cost $6 and $8.

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