Swelter 11

From there, the conversation ranging from matters of love, taste, and art, the three vital concerns of life. The notorious producer Scott Rudin, of Addams Family Values fame, responsible for one of Rudnick's forays into Hollywood: "He's smart and somewhat insane, but the self-created epic personalities of show business are entertaining." Rudnick's newest play, The Naked Truth, a farce about the "great leveler of sex," revolving around a society matron who attempts to have compromising erotic art photographs removed from a museum exhibition. And, of course, South Beach, the sexual nexus: "I love the mix down there. You never know who'll be Roller-blading at you next. The club scene has a real edge, so fantastic and nonexclusive, full of money and imagination. American cities have a quality of sameness now, but the Beach feels completely different: the heat, the seductiveness, the sense of pleasure. Of course, there'd be a real danger in actually living there and going astray. And I can't imagine how anyone could even attempt to write in Miami.

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