Light, As in Flimsy

All problems aside, no one sings dreadfully, and hearing those fine old songs is fun, thanks in part to Brian Conatser, the competent musical director and accompanying pianist. Best of all, the show moves along quickly. If for nothing else, Werkheiser should be praised for his pacing; normally, productions this pointless are equally tedious. Yet strangely enough -- and particularly owing to the considerable talents of Margy Shay -- Relationships has its pleasant moments. It is, however, very light.

Rafael de Acha must acknowledge the liabilities of setting such high standards for New Theatre by the excellence of his work. Everyone he hires will be judged in his shadow, and that leaves Werkheiser in the dark. I longed to see New Theatre performers such as Kimberly Daniel in the role played by De Torres, David Alt in the role played by Gibson, and a show about relationships featuring the best of Broadway's tunes conceived and directed by someone of de Acha's caliber. But I guess it's a little late in the game for such drastic measures.

This may not sound like much of an endorsement, but if you have nothing else to do one of these weekends, seeing Relationships would be better than watching most any of this summer's juvenile-oriented films. I'd rather hear Sondheim or Porter than "Yabba dabba do" any night.

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