Program Notes

Seems like a lot of shows on Sunday, and this ain't no holiday week. The mighty Day by the River takes shore leave at Chili Pepper on this week's day of rest.

Butthorn of the week: The Band, Diet Coke, and the latter's advert folks. There's this teevy commercial you saw in which the Band's music is used to shill for the soda of the fat. Right as the commersh ends, you hear the line "take a load off Fanny," or "fanny," as in rear end. Just a weird coincidence? You think not. By the way, you should mention that the Band plays live in Pompano this week (see "Calendar").

The media circus: Sure, you swore off mentioning Lollapalooza because they said a Miami date was confirmed, then no Miami date was listed, and now they don't seem to know what the hell they're doing and you don't care anyway. And, yes, I know and you know this is probably half publicity stunt. But Perry Farrell has won his war with J. Walter Thompson and the Ford Motor Company. The nonword "Lollapalooza" showed up in commercials for a Ford car, and Farrell said, "No, no, you can't do that." Now the ad company and Ford have decided Farrell's right, pulling the nonword out of their ads and donating money to a rain-forest charity as settlement.

Pet corner: So we're (gotcha!) at this party the other day saying so long to Ana J. as she heads off for an acting career. We ask Nel what's going to happen to Kina Baker, the legendary dog god. Nel seems confused by the cryptic question (we wanted to know if Kina was off to New Yawk with Ana or hanging here with the homeys). Ana J. walks into the room, says in a solemn tone: "Bake, you didn't hear what happened?" Heart pounds. Throat tightens. She's toying with, just acting. Oh, New Yawk's gonna love you.

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