And Polish That Name Tag!

Headwear: Hats, bandannas and other such headwear are not permitted. Female employees may wear hair accessories, such as barrettes and combs, but these accessories must be conservative and coordinate with work attire.

Jewelry: Jewelry is permitted as long as it is not extreme in nature. Jewelry displaying macabre/occult symbols such as skulls and pentagrams is not permitted.

Earrings: Earrings are acceptable for females only. Males may not wear earrings. Females must limit earrings to one earring in each ear, and these earrings must be conservative, professional, and coordinate with work attire.

Nails: Nails should be clean and kept to a reasonable length. Curly nails are not permitted. As with make-up, nail polish should be applied moderately.

Eyeglasses: Frames should be conservative. No bright or bold colors or decorated frames.

Pagers: Pagers are not permitted under any circumstances during working hours.


Shirt/Slacks: Store Management must wear clean and unwrinkled blue buttoned down oxford dress shirts with clean and unwrinkled khaki slacks. Females may substitute skirts for slacks.

Ties: Ties must be worn by male employees. Plain pattern only, no extreme designs or patterns. Neckwear is required for females (scarves are acceptable).

Sweaters: Navy blue or white sweaters are acceptable. However, sweaters must be of solid color. No patterns of any kind will be acceptable. The tie and collar of the dress shirt must remain visible.

Name Tag: To be worn at all times.
Shoes: Leather dress and polishable leather casual shoes are acceptable. Toes must be enclosed. Heels should be a maximum of two inches high.

Belt: To be worn at all times. Belts must be dark in color.

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