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The media circus: Channel 7's news show the other night spent about twenty minutes rehashing the Holocaust and about ten seconds reporting about the holocaust in Rwanda. In fact, with the exception of one prime-time teevy news mag, the coverage of the genocide in Rwanda has been scant. I mean, more than 200,000 refugees flee certain death in their homeland to camp in Tanzania and fight for handfuls of beans. Isn't that sexy enough? It's so bad in Tanzania that some of the people are going back to Rwanda, where they'll likely be hacked up or shot and tossed like rubbish into the River of Death, with its churning waterfalls dumping hundreds of corpses every day into the dark waters below. Here in good old America, we get all upset and wet ourselves because some lawyer smooched Fidel? We worry about our jobs and our stress. And we don't have a goddamn clue.

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