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Happy pet corner: Laugh at me, will you, you swine! You think it's half lie and half joke A this column and/or life. But there's validation, occasionally, stupidly, any way I can get it. This whole thing of running animal photos I think began when Ana and them told me they'd named their new puppy Kina Baker, in my honor. I published a very cute photo of the very cute Kina doggy, whom I visit regularly, or, I should say, visits me, like during b-ball season at the YMCA when Kina sometimes comes to our games and cheers us on. So anyway, this photo I so goofingly published just won first place in Pro-Plan's canine photo contest. Way to go, Kinababy! "She got, like, a hundred pounds of food, a collar, leash, snacks," says Ana. "She won so many toys she can't choose which one to play with."

Sad pet corner: My pal Shari's best friend of seventeen years, Thor, disappeared. "My husband used to kick Thor off the bed," Shari says. "I meant to say my ex-husband." The other day Thor left and didn't return A a cat that old likely went off to die, but there's always hope. Shari probably just wants to know, some closure and all that. If you saw Thor recently, call me or send me a postcard.

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