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Matt from the Specs opens acoustically, Jodi and the Rodeo play, then Whistling Tinheads, tonight (Thursday) at Stephen Talkhouse. Beat that.

In case you care, Miami is a confirmed Lollapalooza '94 site. Smashing Pumpkins, George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars, the Beastie Boys, the Breeders, A Tribe Called Quest, Nick and the Bad Seeds, L7, and the Boredoms are the bands. Or so says Perry Farrell, who is not my friend.

Tomorrow (Friday) Le Coup reggaelutionizes Rose's.
I've been listening to and going to see and writing about bluesman Bill Wharton for many years. Eating his Datil-pepper hot sauce, too. And that gumbo he and the Ingredients cook up A both literally and musically A oh, man. Son! Just back from a European tour (Amsterdam was the highlight), the Sauce Boss and his band have another new album, South of the Blues, which is out now on Virgin Europe. It should be out in this country, on Kingsnake, in a few weeks. Hear the big dog bark this weekend at Tobacco Road. And how about this? The other day I had a leftover chunk of cow meat and not much else in the pantry. (Yeah, like I have a pantry.) So I cut the meat up and simmer it in tomato sauce and hot sauce, spices, an old potato, some other stuff, shred it and cook it some more, and it was delicious. Recalling family get-togethers of years long past, Wharton passes on this similar, less improvised, and more large-scale recipe: Take three pounds of either beef roast or goat meat, three pounds of pork roast, two bottles of Heinz chili sauce, 1/2 cup of white vinegar, and 1/4 cup of Wharton's Datil sauce (avoid corporate imitations). Cover the meat in a large pot of water and simmer for about an hour. Cool, remove fat, and shred. Return the meat to the broth, add the other stuff, and simmer for a couple of hours until the liquid is reduced. Serve on the bread or bun of your choice. Hey, I like this. I think we should have recipes in this column all the time. Send yours in (c'mon vegans, here's your chance!) and I'll print the best when I feel like it.

Marilyn Manson plays a pretour farewell show on Saturday at Squeeze. On May 3 in Dallas the spooky ones join up with Nine Inch Nails, with whom MM will tour. By the by, there's an excellent profile of head Nail Trent Reznor in the April issue of Request magazine.

Tomorrow (Friday) at Churchill's Hideaway members of the Niki Taylors and the Stimulators gather under the name Los Borachos and Saturday Charlie Pickett plays his first concert since obtaining his law degree. Saturday is also St. George's Day, the English equivalent of St. Patrick's Day, so you know it's gonna be a throwdown. St. George was a Christian martyr who died around the year 303. Charlie Pickett is a rock and roll hero who will never die.

This Monday at Cellblock you can join the controversy of Crunch Symphony, who will be showcasing tunes from their new, eponymous CD.

Congrats to Roberto Perera for winning Best Contemporary Latin Jazz Album in the nation from Billboard. We, of course, are not surprised.

That was Cell 63 bopping around the Beach and elsewhere this past Friday, shooting a vid for their "Once Upon a Drunk." Updates on the world's greatest postpunk band to come.

Skeeter Brandon & HWY 61 bring their Hi-Test Blues to Hooligan's Briar Bay tonight (Thursday).

For the first time, Natural Causes plays Squeeze, tomorrow (Friday). It's a Dade-Broward thing, don'tcha know.

This Sunday it's the Big Cypress Spring Fest, a free, all-day affair (take I-75 to Exit 14 and head north or call 800-949-6101). The Seminoles will roll out all sorts of diversion, including music by Johnny and the B.G. Ramblers, James Billie, Cathy Cotton and the Texas West Band, Whisky on Ice, Juni Strongheart & Jungle.

You choose, I can't. This Saturday the mighty Mavericks come home for a show at the Talkhouse. Meanwhile, over at Rose's is For Squirrels and the Goods. If you can time it just right....

Butthorn of the week: BullFrog brand sunblock and its manufacturer, Chattem Inc. First of all, if you believe the BullFrog flacks, anyone who goes near the ocean in South Florida from now till next fall will be brutally savaged by sea lice. We're all doomed! (Unless, of course, we slather ourselves with some chemicals.) Why this harsh propaganda against what are actually infant jellyfish? Why use BullFrog? Save the whales? Think globally, act locally. You have to start somewhere, and I say let's start with sea lice. Save the sea lice! Research indicates sea lice are more intelligent than dolphins. Er, I mean more intelligent than humans. Dolphins don't destroy their own planet. Neither do sea lice.

The media circus: The Holocaust never happened. I was very surprised to learn this, which I did by reading an ad in the University of Miami student newspaper, the Hurricane. I know about the genocide of indigenous "Americans" by European invaders and how Christians and Jews and even blacks teamed to force Africans into slavery, but I'd never really heard much about this supposed gassing of ethnic minorities, primarily Jews, by German authorities around the time of World War II. Glad to find out it didn't really happen. What a relief. I told you sea lice are smarter....

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