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So I'm on the bus, not the real bus, an independent thing, but like a bus, just me and the driver, near the last stop, which is my stop. He points out how there's many people walking around downtown Miami. "Uh, it's a nice day," I say. He's some kind of foreigner, and says with a heavy accent, "It's Friday." "Oh," I tell him. He rubs his thumb against the first two fingers of his right hand and says, "Payday. They have pay and now they go to spend it." I think I understand, and then I'm off the bus, and walk through them like a ghost with nothing to sell.

As the finishing touches are being put on their next CD, FtN hits the road, again, playing Winter Park and Clearwater this weekend and Tampa on April 15, the Talkhouse on April 16, then West Palm Beach and Gainesville before their April 28 show at UM.

Tonight (Thursday) and tomorrow after the Grateful Dead shows, you can join in the after-Dead fun of Stone Soup Bowl. You pay $15 (at Stephen Talkhouse) and receive a pass that gets you into the Talkhouse, the Spot, and Velvet (yeah, like I could get into Velvet) each night, all inclusive, total. The Spot and Velvet will be hosting parties, but the action is at the Talkhouse (surprise, surprise) where tonight members of Natural Causes join members of Beluga Blue and Raw B. Jae and A.J.'s Stick People and other local superstars to play cover songs. Some of the money from the passes goes to help save rain forests. The passes or a Dead stub will also get you into the Talkhouse tomorrow (Friday) for George Porter's show. Yes, I'm confused, too. And I'm not even a Deadhead.

Tomorrow (Friday) the Causes hit Rose's Bar, where Raw B. Jae will funk things up on Saturday.

Captain Jimmy's begins a series of weekly "block parties" this Sunday at 2:00 p.m. with Velvet and Nails playing live.

Jen Pudsey's Locals Only show on WVUM-FM (90.5) A a.k.a., 90X A has moved to Monday nights from 8:30 to 11:30. Do yourself a favor and dial in.

The other morning I was waiting for the bus. One came, and drove right by. When the next one came, I stood in the street blocking its path, figuring it'd stop and I'd get to work on time, or it'd kill me, a fine solution to tardiness (except at Northwestern High). The bus stopped and the very nice woman behind the wheel said, "I wasn't going to pass you." I said, "Well, the last one did."

A hot Atlanta band called Stuck Mojo cruises into the Plus Five tonight (Thursday). The reviews of this act I've read proclaim Stuck Mojo a must see.

Bobby Ramirez and his jazz trio full power the opening of the new exhibit at the Gallery of the Unknown Artists tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. It's free. Call 532-2265.

If you're on the bus, so to speak like Ken Kesey, you know, and these things are supposed to be cryptic and secret, merry pranks, so the TILTx2 rave is this Saturday. Call 579-1999.

Minianka tribal rhythms made with traditional African instruments (including my fave, talking drum) will be brought to Earth and taken back where they came from when Yaya Diallo conducts workshops this weekend.

The Mali, West Africa, drummer/dancer/mystic/author will be hands-on Saturday and Sunday. Call 460-3665 or 460-3206 for details.

Those Holy Terrors play tomorrow (Friday) at Squeeze and on Saturday at the Zoo.

Hey, let's do some lines. These are things that have been said, mostly to me, recently. "Incoherence is your only defense" A Steven "Weavin'" Almond. "You have nothing compelling to say, you're just compelled to say something" A my wife. "Catch it and stroke it and you'll get it to go down" A a March Madness basketball commentator on teevy (I picked Florida vs. Arkansas as the championship game and also had Duke making the Final Four.). "Love versus money, love wins" A Twisted Tina on behalf of Mr. Twister. "Our moshing music columnist would rather get shot in the head than die of Natural Causes" A XS magazine. "Never is forever" A me.

The Fort Lauderdale Seafood Festival takes place all weekend and sounds like a blast A a bunch of great musicians and, well, seafood, the best food there is. Call 463-4431.

Maybe I'm just taking a piss in fortune's sweet kiss (is that Springsteen's line?) but I'm ready for a bus ride to nowhere and remembering still Bukowski, he'll never die because he wrote it down. Now Choirboy, in sympathy I guess, is feeding me Denis Johnson like pablum, just to hold on, and here's a piece of dialogue from a story called Steady Hands at Seattle General, included in Johnson's book Jesus' Son. One hospital patient, the narrator, Johnson I guess, is shaving the face of another patient:

"Someday people are going to read about you in a story or a poem. Will you describe yourself for those people?"

"Oh, I don't know. I'm a fat piece of shit, I guess."
"No. I'm serious."
"You're not going to write about me."
"Hey. I'm a writer."
"Well, then, just tell them I'm overweight."
"He's overweight."
"I been shot twice."

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