Program Notes

The media circus: More photographs by Bunny Yeager will appear in the May issue of Playboy, a mag that gets mentioned way too much in this space, but you know we love Bunny.

Bonus: From a recent Miami Herald story: "The caption described his as an outstanding member of the community."

Pet corner: New Times's Maureen Bohannon says her "Classified" section has a special in "Pets for Sale" A five lines for two weeks for five dollars (but lost-and-founds are free). Take advantage, but be careful! Scumsucking subcontractors (and freelance subhumans) of animal-research labs aren't above reading ads, accepting or even purchasing pets, and turning them over to institutions of higher torture. If you're selling or giving away an animal, tell the person that you'll be by to visit in two months. If the pet is not there, tell the people you'll call Baker, who'll call a geedo and have them disappeared to the Midwest.

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