Service with a Smile

The simple act of delivering a subpoena can get tricky when it involves Joe Gersten and the prosecutor who is after him

Gersten attorney Carmen Calzon denies that her client in any way masterminded the episode, though she says the former county commissioner has been kept apprised of recent developments: "His reaction is that he feels Mr. Band's conduct substantiates what he has been saying all along A that Mr. Band has long been abusing his position of power." (Calzon reports Gersten is currently in Australia on business and may return to Dade County "in about a month or so.")

At the Bar hearing March 7, Band and Richard Gregorie refused to testify, citing their roles in the continuing criminal investigation of Gersten. The hearing was closed to the public, and so the tenor of the deliberations is unknown. In the wake of the subpoena showdown, however, one thing is certain: Ibis Hernandez's budding career as a process server is over. "This was my first on-the-job experience, and no amount of money is worth this hassle," she says, caustically noting that process servers receive only fifteen dollars for each subpoena they deliver. "Do you really think fifteen dollars is worth all of this


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