The Young Warriors

Stephanopoulos, while not as riveting a personality (and make no mistake, this is as much a movie about personality as it is politics), makes a preternaturally composed puppy to Carville's pit bull. He's cute and playful throughout A at one point he even blows a bubble while chewing gum during a telephone interview, then takes a swig of soda a second later. If Carville is a Malkovich-Scott hybrid, Stephanopoulos is strictly Michael J. Fox. His preppy cool serves as the perfect dramatic counterpoint to Carville's manic intensity.

While Carville and Stephanopoulos weren't a team in the strictest sense of the word (Carville's partner was Paul Begala), The War Room derives much of its strength from their chemistry. It sucks you in as you ride through the highs and lows of the presidential race, sharing their glee and sweating out their suspense all the way. Watching them work the phones, alternately stroke and cajole the press, pore over the speeches, push their fellow staffers, and generally pull strings and influence people, you get the distinct impression that the former Arkansas governor might still be governor were it not for the efforts of these two remarkable men.

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