Program Notes 41

Next Wednesday Borders, the giant book shop on South Dixie, stages an open mike for poetry and short fiction. Excerpts from anthropological studies not welcome. Call 665-8800 for details about the 7:00 p.m. event.

Mike Boudet (ex-blind profet, now with Insides), Jeff Rollason (Mr. Tasty and the Bread Healers), Raul Rodriguez, and Eddie Theosevis have baked up a new recording studio, called the Breadbox. Set to open in a week or two, the studio features sixteen-track analog, 64-track computer and live-to-DAT, four live rooms, control room, and lounge. One room will also serve as a rehearsal space. That's fine, this is unbelievable: Opening rate, with engineer, is only eight bucks per hour (rehearsal space is six dollars per hour). Call 232-0500.

Tuesday nights at Velvet are happening thanks to Kevans from Le Coup, who's promoting. He's now bringing Broward bands (Slang last week, Le Coup itself this coming Tuesday) in for some county cross-pollination (sorry, Rat, but it looks like the Dade-hates-Broward-and-vice-versa shtick just ain't working). Le Coup also plays tomorrow (Friday) at the Ambassador.

This Saturday Mind Mural plays the Plus Five.
Super Bowl? What Super Bowl? My season ended when West Virginia beat the 'Canes. The Yankee Clipper (1140 Seabreeze Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale) celebrates the big game all weekend, but we're mentioning Saturday night because that's when Inner Circle contributes to the festivities by performing a free live show at the resort. For the dope, dial 800-229-4758.

Another Super alternative: Paul Roub, Dillon Partin, and Marshall Wilner have formed a band, Crash Basket, which debuts Sunday night at Plus Five.

The New 2 Live Crew has a slab due out this week. Back at Your Ass for the Nine-4 features Rudy Ray Moore (Dolomite), along with former 2 Live Crew members Fresh Kid-Ice and Luke Campbell.

This Saturday Jack Off Jill plays the Zoo in Davie. The band is finishing up its latest recording, at Studio 13 in Pompano Beach. Tentative title is Don't Wake the Baby! and they hope to issue it March 15.

Rose's appears serious about its commitment to live music of the highest caliber -- let's hope the public responds. Tonight (Thursday) the South Beach club stages the great Hilton Ruiz.

Mike Huggy Burrell comes out of the closet! My ex-lover is now writing his column for XS under his real name, Ted B. Kissell. Smoke Dog really is dead. Teddy says he originally took the pseudonym so he could be snotty in his column and still get city council types to take his calls. The nom de plume, he says, "was the worst kept secret in town."

Drive Choir rolls into Reunion Room tonight (Thursday).
The Dark Room hosts a showcase by Forget the Name this Saturday. Sundry industry hotshots will be there to scope the band. You might want to be, too.

Uh-oh, looks like they're starting to drop like flies, these damn rock and roll clubs. The Square, Cactina...what next? Button South, the venerable mousse-and-mosh spot in Hallandale that once was an Agora Ballroom, shuts down next week. I was never a fan of the place, but I saw many, many shows there, many of them great. Word on the street is that the venue will go gay and/or dance.

Butthorn of the week: Telephones. Can't live with 'em, can't throw 'em out the damn window. We have a new phone system here, installed while I was on vacation, which means I lost all 784 voice-mail messages I had stored, as well as any new calls that came in while I was out. That's why I haven't returned your calls. Try again, please. Also, why in the hell do the Yellow Pages list psychics under the heading of "Palmists." Palmists? Who the hell would ever think to look there. And another thing...geez, I'm starting to sound like Andy Rooney. Shoot me, quick.

The media circus: I'm certain the CIA created the California earthquake to take the spotlight off the Iran-Contra report. As far as I know, only the New York Times and National Public Radio stopped rehashing earthquake "news" to give the scandalous report its due coverage.

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