Swelter 37

The social marathon offering more entertainments, the distinctions gradually blurring. Ocean Drive and The Spot hosting a party for the syndicated newsmagazine show Cool People, Hot Places, producer Nancy Ross set to document the fabulousity universe. Martini Club, drag queens giving full vent to cheap seasonal sentiment, more or less thanking the little people who made it all possible. One club or another at 4:00 a.m., a lame fight erupting and spreading randomly, an old hand ignoring the scene, marveling at the unseemly epidemic of open drugs and freelancing cops who actually set up after-hours parties. In a quiet corner, a jaded veteran cocking a forefinger against his head, ready to end the charade or at least call it a night. The boozy frolics ending with another rueful sunrise on the beach, an empyrean Christmas Eve morning, a dream shimmering with promise. Fantastic cruise ships slowly making their way into Government Cut, the jetty rats scampering back to their nests with the sun, the city peaceful and ordered. Miami unfolding as a series of intricate connections and blessings, lethal and beautiful as a spider's web, home sweet home to the survivors.

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