Industrious Resolutions

Miami artists share their wry hopes, sly hopes, and high hopes for the coming year

Steve Kronen
Poet whose latest book is titled Empirical Evidence
I'm always working on new poetry, which will be a new book as soon as there are enough poems. It's tentatively called The Wide World. I've got poems coming out soon in the Paris Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, and Quarterly West. My wife and I will go to England for a trip this year if our finances work out. I've applied for an NEA and a Guggenheim.

I'm trying to be a better writer. I never make resolutions. You should just be doing it every day. My New Year's wish is that I'd like to see George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Fidel Castro in prison. I'd like to see them pay for their crimes.

Mary Luft
Performance artist and director of Tigertail Productions
In 1994 Tigertail will be presenting a continuation of "The Brazil Series," and that means that on February 9th we're bringing a filmmaker or film critic from Brazil, and we'll be showing Brazilian pre-Cinema Novo films, and selections from the International Short Film Festival. There's a real interest in Brazil here, and in looking at a wide range of culture. Not just the pop figures, but a true example of art from Brazil.

Most of the work that I'm interested in is work that's forming the edge, and expanding a vision of culture. That's not for an audience of 1000 people. I'd like to see more things taking place here that have a depth to them and it's not just the hype.

Bernard Lynch
Photographer whose latest subjects include mummies in Guanajuato, Mexico, and Sunday tea dances on South Beach

I want to do more work with the blind. Photography is the art of the eye; it celebrates vision. I'd like to do tapes for the blind, read about a photographer, like Weegee or Ansel Adams, so a blind person knows what you're talking about when you talk about photography. Who better to talk to a blind person about seeing than someone who does it better than anyone? I think that photography and the blind is a perfect marriage. I just went to Lighthouse for the Blind -- they're involved in a new expansion program -- and I said to them, "Why not make this a vision center?" They could have a little gallery, show photography, play the tapes. I'd like to do photography and help people.

Maria Martinez Canas
Artist who works with photography
I'm in the process of working on a commission for the Miami airport. I've decided to do a piece on a glass atrium on Concourse C of American Airlines. I wanted to work with the idea of time and the element of travel, because of course that's what people go to do at the airport. They're also ideas that I've dealt with in my own work, relating to the idea of belonging and separation.

The year will bring exhibitions A there's a one-person show at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in North Carolina; I'll be part of a group show of photographers exhibiting at the Photofest in Houston; and I'm exploring the possibility of exhibiting at the art fair for new talents in Paris, Decouverte, in February. And I'm in a show at the Southeast Museum of Photography in Daytona.

I describe myself as an artist whose medium is photography because I utilize photography in a very nontraditional way. Right now I'm very interested in language. I want to work a little bit more with defining a structure of visual language in my work.

I think there's been a lot of attention given Miami in regards to the arts, and I think that's going to increase. Finally, people have started looking to Miami as a place with a lot of good art.

Rose McVeigh
Actress and artistic director of the Florida Shakespeare Festival
We're working on the most incredible project -- free Shakespeare in Bayfront Park. There's 2600 seats and we're going to be having performances every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in February. It's a first-of-its-kind event in South Florida. Every other large city in the country has a Shakespeare festival. We believe it's timely. With all the crime, and the national press focusing on the bad aspects of the city, it's time we started focusing on the good stuff - let's talk about the arts. This is a chance to give kids something to do that's drug-free. Shakespeare sounds so pretentious, but we're doing a cowboy Comedy of Errors, Tex-Mex style. It's action-packed, it's fast-moving, it's accessible to all kinds of people. I think that for us here in Coral Gables, to excite young people to come back to the theater is important. We've got to make theater more accessible so people don't have to go to New York to see it.

We're still looking for sponsors for the event. We have about half the budget, but we need more funding. My personal goal for the year is to stay alive and keep floating. We're struggling, and fundraising is going to be harder than ever this year, with all the state dollars going to crime and cutting back on the arts. So I'm worried about simply surviving. Without donations and corporate sponsorship, we're not going to make it. So I just want to hang in there.

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