Eat the Beat

The waiter talked us out of the Florida lobster tail stuffed with cognac-flavored mushrooms and into the grilled churrasco. The chef did it exceptionally well, he said, and he was correct. One of my guests, an Argentine woman, was delighted to see this flank steak so expertly prepared, especially as it was served with a notable chimichurri (parsley sauce). The condiment, however, sharpened with vinegar, was barely necessary; this succulent steak was grilled churrasco at its finest, making bearable even the (by now) extremely annoying neon.

The sheer size of the main courses prevented us from ordering dessert. But because the music went on, so did we, almost against our will. Just as there are some who are horrified by the tabletop antics on South Beach, dinner in a disco may not be to everyone's taste. It certainly wasn't to mine -- or so I thought. You can, of course, choose your own favorite supper-club locale. And after you make your decision, order the steak.

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