Vows of Mediocrity

The two stand-outs are the younger nuns. Kimberly Galberaith is funny, adorable, and charismatic as the ballerina of the convent, Sister Mary Leo, who hopes to combine Swan Lake with the sacraments and perform on the stage with a cross around her neck and a tutu around her hips. But no one steals the stage and show quite like Sarah Knapp as Sister Amnesia. I've rarely seen an actress portray a perky schizoid so well; she's frightening and genuinely humorous at the same time. The only reason I'm thankful I attended was to see Knapp's performance, which frequently made me laugh out loud.

Nunsense 2 isn't the worst of this modern era's formulaic fluff products, but I'd still prefer it if the Playhouse would stop playing it safe and assuming everyone in South Florida is an idiot. This would mean taking a brilliant work, such as the play they now have in the small 100-seat Encore Room -- David Mamet's Oleanna -- and presenting it in the main-stage area, which seats 1100, instead of constantly trying to sell tickets with lukewarm semi-losers like Nunsense 2.

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