Program Notes 34

Day By The River plays country swing pop tonight (Wednesday) at Stephen Talkhouse.

Tonight (Wednesday) Valerie Archon and Muse play Squeeze.
The subject of a New Times feature story and a follow-up "Music" story in which he said every single local musician sucks, Billy Yeager is up to new tricks. Fed up with having to deal with Chris Blackwell's personal assistant, rather than big-shot Blackwell himself, Yeager sent said personal assistant a blank cassette as his demo. Huh? the personal assistant responded. Huh? Billy said back. Why are you listening to it, little personal assistant lady, I sent it to Chris fucking Blackwell. The P.A. found this less than amusing. So Yeager sent a pair of severed bull testicles (in a jar, of course) to Mr. Blackwell. Well, to his personal assistant. Miss P.A. said that would pretty much end the negotiations -- "He's a madman...disgusting...animal parts...anal drippings" were her exact words. Meanwhile, Yeager is in New Yawk, where his handler is meeting with the vice president of A&R at one of the major labels. And by the way, the story about how local musicians suck? It pissed off Arlan and other people, but that wasn't the point. He was trying to make a point. Get it?

Ruby Baker and the Future hit Dominique's on Sunday.
Reggae, raggy, a little breather. Next Tuesday Kevans the Frenchmon is hosting the biggest reggae jam reunion in this city's history. Of course Le Coup will be there (at Velvet is where), along with members of most of the great reggae bands: Zero Crew, Tishan, Spice Roots, Broken Sound, Copacetic, and more. L'Ambience is what they're calling it. The Frenchmon (that's the way he told me to spell it) is a long way from Quebec and a short way from becoming an international star. Just a hunch, what do I know? Besides a great jam you get a history lesson, and a chance to wish Frenchmon a happy birthday. Happy Birthday, Kev. Maximum, always.

Day By The River plays neo-psychedelic postpunk tonight (Wednesday) at Stephen Talkhouse.

This Friday the Baboons and I Don't Know and Second Son play at the Mud House in Fort Lauderdale. Theme: "Love and Sex." Three great bands from South Florida. Get it?

Two amazing bands -- Halo and One -- light up Coyote this Friday.
Live Bait plays tomorrow (Thursday) at Musicians Exchange.
Zac and his Artist Support Project take over the Reunion Room tomorrow (Thursday). "Home" is the theme and A ready for this? A it's about "the South Florida music scene and coming together for community and getting food to homeless people." Diane Ward will be singing some of Zac's songs. Other people will be singing Zac's songs. There's a CD of Zac's songs. Am I imagining this? Just bring food and ask Zac. Support A get it?

By the way, are the Baboons still banned from Reunion?
Day By The River plays hard-core gypsy opera arias tonight (Wednesday) at Stephen Talkhouse.

The Goods A who you may have heard of somewhere -- hit Button South tomorrow (Thursday). Kniption Fit shares the bill.

Butthorn of the week: Spec's for making its employees work on Xmas. Peaches for fretting about Michael Kennedy's offensive way of promoting Rooster Head. And so on. Shop at Y&T. Shop at Open. Shop at Flippers. Get a fucking clue. Get it. The release is called Tasting Your Molester. It is the best piece of recorded music currently on the market. Get it?

The media circus: Sandra Schulman wrote up some band called Natural Causes (I'm not sure where they're from) in last week's Billboard.

Pet corner: Thanks, thanks, thanks to my (forced) roommate of the past month, Alonzo Lively. 'Lonzo is the NT computer god, a genius fisherman (catch and release, donchaknow), a former roommate of a member of Marilyn Manson, ex-Navy, and all-around cool cat. The editorial department here is moving into new offices in another area. Due to construction nuances, I had to give my office over to computers and, until my new office was ready, I had to share (cramped) space in his. He made it a lot less bad than it sounds. Just the way Miami rock makes life a lot better than it is otherwise. If only more people got it.

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