Program Notes 33

Butthorn of the week: Van Dome. The complaint is from a self-professed "Beatleshead," who, along with a couple of friends from Tampa, went to the Beach club to see Beatlemania. "They played one set and said they'd be back after a short break. Well, they never returned. They were asked not to return because the people wanted to hear club music. This club really suckered us."

The media circus: Dogs, frogs, cats, human babies. But nary a photo of Day By the River. This column sucks.

Pet corner: Rabies suck. Deadly to both human and nonhuman animals, the infamous disease could explode into an epidemic if people don't start getting their companion animals inoculated. The Humane Society of Greater Miami has launched a campaign to alert humans to the fact that only two of ten dogs and hardly any cats have had the necessary shots. Besides common sense, the law itself requires inoculation. Call 696-0800.

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