Double Exposure

Brother Marquis and DJ Toomp tag-team for the future

In the II Nazty lyrical world people do the nasty in a Honda Accord and when a girl complains to her beau that she saw another girl wearing the ring she gave him, he tells her, well, you gave it to me so I'll do what I want with it. All of the plot and character development is facilitated through a healthy dose of fuck-suck-bitch-ho imagery. The first single is a monster, "Somebody Say Ho," backed with "She Got You Whipped." "Somebody Say Ho" -- that's "oh" on the clean version -- borrows the chant used by fans of teams with Native American monikers, the one you hear at Braves and FSU and Chiefs games, the oh-oh-oh-oh thing. (Toomp attributes the hook to the Atlanta Braves; Seminole fans, send your complaint letters to him.)

So let's drop the chatter and cut to the meat: Marquis remains among the most charismatic of rap vocalists and contributes the "concepts" and many of the lyrics. Toomp kicks it on the production side and also writes words. No matter what anybody says, the proof's in the mix. There's going to be a lot of pissin' and dissin' thanks to the backgrounds of Marquis and Toomp, and Luke Campbell isn't going away any time soon. But all ears should be on Indecent Exposure. That's where you'll really hear some shit.

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