Dumas for Dummies

Then again, it probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Disney has been getting away with this kind of hypocrisy forever. Take Cool Runnings, for example, their movie about the Jamaican bobsled team's unprecedented appearance in the 1988 Winter Olympics. Strip away the Olympic context and the reggae soundtrack, and it all boils down to a story about one white massuh and his four obedient boys. Don't you just love those irrepressible Negroes when they get scared and their eyes bulge? Yeah, boss. And who cares if elephantine John Candy as a one-time Olympic athlete holds about as much water as one of Joe Gersten's alibis? This is Disney.

Maybe after The Three Musketeers save the king and rescue France they can take on a real challenge: freeing America from the illusion that the house that Walt built has become something more than just another cynical, money-grubbing movie studio.

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