Program Notes 28

To the extremely polite -- considering how offended he was -- young Cuban American who's been reading this paper for six years and was disturbed by last week's blather about El Ocho and whether you'd get a ticket for driving through marching mobs there: Sorry, bro. No, it wasn't a racist thang. If we wanted to get into that, we'd ask how many of those proud marchers secretly whisper in their hearts "yo no voy" even as they hum "cuando sali de Cuba, deje mi vida, deje mi amor." No, I don't really want to run over anyone with my car. Cuban, Haitian, North American, Martian -- the situation would've been just as absurd no matter ethnicity. Bizarre is bizarre in any language. And when I said "you folks are nuts," I meant South Floridians, not people of Cuban heritage. And you are. That's why I love ya.

Couple of quick follow-ups re: My Only Problem, things I forgot to mention. Much of the magnificent drumwork on the CD is by Jim Wall, and the fine engineering is by studio owner Vinnie Alibrandi. That's Arlan Feiles singing backup and Chris DeAngelis playing bass on Jonathan Blake's "Hide and Seek Woman." And, for all my non-Cuban friends, the translation of that line in the Tinheads song -- a la cama, a la cama santa pinga de puerco -- is roughly "to the bed, to the bed holy dick of a pig."

Over at WSBH-AM (1490) Stu Goldstein has taken over morning drive (6:00 to 9:00 a.m.). He says he'll be doing talk and shtick. Veteran record critic Lee Zimmerman will phone in reviews on Thursdays at 8:05 a.m.

Butthorn of the week: Um, that would be me. I really screwed up last week. No, not by running over marching Cubans. By hyping hard the Delmar Brown-Arthur Barron weekend at Rose's. Which is this weekend, not last weekend. Believe it or not, I actually work on more than one column at a time, plugging stuff in for the appropriate week, and sometimes I get way confused and screw up, although that's no excuse. Ay dios mio. Then again, I'm not the only media-ite who goofs. The other night WSVN-TV's Sally Fitz reported that Minute Bowl was coming to Miami. A high-speed toilet? A new video game? Some sort of rice? Closer to Glen Rice A Sally later corrected it to Manute Bol, the Miami Heat's new shot-blocker. And then there was this photo caption in a recent Tropic magazine: "Yakov presides over the circumcision of the Blank family's sixteenth child, a boy." A boy? God, I hope so.

The media circus: Congrats to my old friend Marty Klinkenberg (we went to school together back in the Thirties and worked together at the Miami News) and his wife, Elizabeth Leach, on the publication of their book The Green Guide to Florida by Country Roads Press. Marty, who chronicles the great outdoors for the Miami Herald, grew up in Miramar and has always loved fishing and naturing in Florida. It's a travel guide spotlighting natural environs and the adventures he and Liz have had there. The book is taking off, the Maine-based publisher says, with half the printing already ordered by bookstores. Grab a copy and get outta town.

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