Program Notes 22

More shows: Radiobaghdad's gig with Load at Squeeze tonight also serves as the band's tape-release party. Girls, girls, girls at Cactina this Friday (and all month if you haven't noticed), when Second Son and Marianne Flemming and Lyrics for Lunch play. Bandit performs tonight at Musicians Exchange and Friday at McFly's. The Miami Bach Society Orchestra rips out some Handel, Telemann, and, of course, Johann Sebastian on Sunday at the Coral Gables Congregational Church (3010 DeSoto Blvd. in Coral Gables, 279-2620).

Local heroes Marilyn Manson return to the scene with a show this Saturday at Plus 5. You've heard about the olive-loaf pants and the chocolate cow, but here's a new one: a woman with a close association with MM once said, "We got naked to do a painting on canvas, but his brush was too small." (Oh, and by the way, their music rules.)

A huge bill at Cactus Cantina this Saturday, when Rooster Head and Zen Dog join Johnny Tonite.

Bummer of the week: The Causes were booked to open for the Nevilles at Sunrise, and the band members were plenty excited about the opportunity to play a nice big room opening for a great act. After the show was confirmed, Cellar Door had to inform the Causes that the Nevilles had decided to bring their own opening act.

Butthorn of the week and the media circus: WSVN-TV News, but not for the usual reasons. Laurie "Buzz" Hibberd, seen all too often on Channel 7's newscasts, once admitted on the air that "if it wasn't for Madonna, I wouldn't have anything to talk about half the time." (Unlike a certain slob journalist whose column appears each week in Tropic, I don't earn my living making this up. She really actually said those exact words on the air, on December 15 of last year.) She also scooped the media world with her flash that Billy Ray Cyrus once streaked. Hell, we could write a cover story about the sheer brilliance of Laurie Hibberd, except Channel 7's flacks have wrapped her in a cloak of inaccessibility A like Springsteen and Streisand and Michael "Just Kidding" Jackson, Hibberd is above publicizing herself. This week's nod also gives us a chance to tell you that the lead singer of Pearl Jam is named Eddie Vedder. What do you mean, "No duh"? Reporting the MTV Awards recently, Hibberd went on about Eddie Veeder. At first I thought she just had an unusual way of pronouncing Vedder's name, but then Channel 7 supered the name on-screen -- spelling it Veeder.

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