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Big one-year-after-Andrew party by the name of Sweatfest '93 occurs on Saturday at Kendall Park Commercial Center, 12187 SW 132nd Ct. Performing will be Blue Wail, Velvet and Nails, the Endorphins, the Room, and Paulette & the Megabytes. Bring a picnic, get your face painted, sweat. For more info, call 235-5043 or 271-5866.

America's worst band, Scraping Teeth, is playing the Square this Friday.
Well, let's see, if you listen to WSHE, you know that the hottest band of 1993 is Genesis. If you want to hear worthwhile rock and roll, you move within the broadcast range of WVUM-FM (90.5) in Dade or Piper High School's WKPX-FM (88.5) in Broward. Those are also the two stations you dial up to hear music made in South Florida. Except that you won't be hearing Dore Soul on WKPX any more. The station's faculty adviser, Joanne Boggus, says KPX policy forbids the airing of songs by bands with names or album titles that might be offensive. Two students have been suspended from the station for airing Dore Soul songs -- the same songs that KPX had been playing regularly. But when the band titled their new album Blowjob, they blew it. Even though songs on Blowjob contain no profanity (several tracks that KPX had been playing were remixed for Blowjob). By connecting them to the title of the album, the songs suddenly became inappropriate. Boggus says DJs are supposed to attribute songs they play to an artist and album, putting the station in a sort of Catch-22. The station's ban also includes Jack Off Jill tunes (DJs called them "the Jills"). (KPX long ago banned the mention of show venues where alcohol is served.) There's no censorship involved -- the school board is technically the owner of the station, they can ban anything they want -- but the logic sure seems screwy.

Spiderfoot is spreading it around: They play tonight (Wednesday) at Squeeze, Thursday at the Zoo, Friday at the Square, and next Monday at Rosebud's.

This Sunday you can enjoy some bluegrass and some outdoors at the Ives Estates Optimist Club (1511 NE 207th St.) where a number of local bands will play. Call 987-4960.

Butthorn of the week: Ticketmaster. A reader says he went to a Spec's to get Elton John tix. He has two complaints: First, there were fifteen people in line. They were forced to draw numbers and then realign themselves accordingly. Second, he says, "We got seventh row on the side, which ain't bad. But it seems like none of the tickets for the front middle section were being sold. I wonder who those tickets go to?"

The media circus: Blues guitar player and teacher Alex Gomez, who moved from Miami to Orlando a while back, will be returning to tape more episodes of his Blues Slide Guitar Workshop, which recently was written up by TV Guide. Something about "a tuneful treasure chest." We knew that.

Pet corner: One of her human companions now claims that the proper spelling of the dog's name is Kina Baker. "Spelling it as one word is screwed up," says Nelly. "It's libel even." I think she's conning me.

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