Swelter 19

An existential experiment-in-debasement interview afterward, Jordy tired and whiny, drinking Coke and wine, refusing to answer more than two questions and declining to join the wall of fame, our treasured collection of glomming-onto-important-celebrity photos. The interpreter explaining that the star was under pressure, hard at work on his upcoming Christmas album, the Lemoine family also in the midst of moving to Miami, international glitz headquarters. A sudden impassioned flurry of French -- either a Do-you-know-who-I-am? tantrum or Jordy expressing his real dream: producing and directing -- and it's on to more food and cocktails, the only true consolation at a certain point. Raucousness prevailing, a chef urgently cornering an attractive district restaurant owner and pledging eternal desire, the party rolling on obliviously and happily. In the land of excess, as Liberace once noted, "Too much of anything is just enough.

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