Program Notes 19

The media circus: Leonard Pitts, Jr., update. We mentioned a few weeks ago -- incorrectly as it turned out -- that Pitts was departing the Miami Herald. Actually, the daily was hiring a second big-gun musicrit. Pitts has been away, but no one believes he's going to the New York Times, as rumored. (Okay, so I'm starting the rumor myself, so what? Someone told me the Times wooed him, but he'd spent so much time, money, and effort putting up storm shutters that he couldn't accept the offer.) Herald features honcho Steve Sonsky continues to apologize for not yet hiring the new person and promises an announcement soon. We'll keep you posted.

Pet corner: A shout-out thanks to Ana and gang for naming their new dog -- a cute (is there any other kind?) little black pup I've actually met -- Kinabaker, at least partially in my honor, if having a dog named after you is, in fact, an honor. I think so.

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