Sweet Charity, Part 1: Two for Tea

The success of Miami Beach's newest social event has bred competition, bad feelings, and possible violations of state law

"What kills me is that the charities are so willing to put up [Their licenses]," sighs Radler. "If all they want to do is stand back, then they don't deserve anything."

Radler's inaugural tea dance helped raise money for the South Beach AIDS Resource Center, which was required to provide at least six volunteers to work the front door and collect the recommended one-dollar donation. The group raised $1200 at the door and collected another $500, which Radler donated from the evening's receipts. Radler says he did slightly better than break even on the event. "If we raise nearly $2000 every week for a charity, that's $100,000 a year," Radler asserts. "That is a lot of money for a group of small charities.

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