Talkhous About a Revolution

Live bands. Loud crowds. High energy. All of it crawling out from under a local rock.

But birthday parties are not about grandstanding. On this night Lara's set was brief and offered but a taste of what he's capable of cooking up with Beluga Blue behind him and a couple hours to kill. It was but one musical highlight among many. The Causes were hot, the Nukes scored big, Johnny Dread and the Monkey Wrench Experience boasted almost as many musicians on-stage as there were dancers skanking about on the floor. And Forget the Name proved their mettle by performing acoustically an hour or so after their dramatic appearance at the Square. By the time they went on at Talkhouse, I was already exhausted and all I'd had to do was listen.

It was an unforgettable night for fans of original music. ("We were floored," is how Mia Johnson, Talkhouse promoter, talent coordinator, and, on this occasion, stage manager, put it.) After a disappointing turnout at Miami Rocks and the staggering, short-sighted, bassackward, chowderbrained, nose-thumbing, bullheaded, feeble-minded, greedy, dickless, unforgivable cancellation of WSHE's local-music show, it was extremely heartening for supporters of the scene to witness so many merrymakers cutting up to homegrown tunes on a humid night in the dead of summer. Stephen Talkhouse celebrated the anniversary, but it might have been the scene at large that marked a real milestone.

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