No Moon

A dark day in Key West: The demise of the Full Moon Saloon marks the end of an era

Latham had remarried several years ago; he and his wife Diana have two young kids. Diana recently went back to her hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas, to start a monthly arts-and-entertainment tabloid, but he says he isn't sure whether he wants to move there.

He is, however, working on a book. "Little sketches, disjointed stories from a bartender's point of view, about the characters that have come through this island and made it what it was. Like a self-styled karate expert, Killer Mike, putting on a demonstration in the Chart Room at the Pier House. Broke five bones in his hand. He also broke into the winter home of Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey and tried to cut the tusk off an elephant with a Skil saw. The elephant stomped the shit out of him. Nutsos like that don't come along every day."

After a quarter of a century, the prospect of moving away from Key West is difficult to contemplate, at least right now. "I don't want to leave here under this pale of gloom," Latham muses. "I might try to open another place, pitch it more toward tourists. If I put it back together, it'll be so much better and so much stronger. You know, these past two years back at the bar, I've been sorta sober and paying attention.

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