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The "touchdown baby back ribs," worth the six points, fell in smoky hunks off the bone. Served with crunchy, mildly flavored steak fries, these generous, popular pigskins (so to speak) pleased everyone who tried them. But the most valuable players were chosen from the menu's World Series-section. "Out at the plate," twelve ounces of center-cut sirloin, was an inch-thick steak, seared and seasoned. Although served medium rather than the requested well done, the quality of the meat was commendable. The "suicide squeeze rib-eye," also of great appeal, was again a bit underdone, rare instead of medium-rare. The cut, however, was superb, rich and juicy. Accompanied by roast potatoes and a highly credible Caesar salad, this meal deserves notice not only for its prime taste but for its reasonable price. In fact, for the portions, all the steak dinners -- the "New York Yankee," "Hall of Fame filet," "Home run prime ribs," and "Grand slam porterhouse" -- present worthwhile dining bargains.

The Caesar salad, featured with grilled salmon as a special entree, lost allure with the addition of the fish. Though the cheese and anchovy settled nicely on the cool romaine, the salmon tasted less than fresh. The brownie sundae we split for dessert was likewise stale, unpleasantly dry and tasting vaguely of freezer burn.

For the record, I still haven't deciphered the "hit and run" entree: "With shrimp pitching, chicken attempts to advance linguini alfredo to second (now you're in scoring position)." But I do believe I have defined, if not the role of all women in a sports bar, at least my role in the Marlins Steakhouse & Sports Bar. I'll be the one dismantling the house that Ruth built A the "New York Yankee" strip steak. I always was handy with a steak knife.

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Marlins Park

1380 NW 6th St.
Miami, FL 33125

Category: Retail

Region: Little Havana

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